Meyer Blair, LLP

Jeff Meyer and Avram Blair have joined forces to form a law firm dedicated to representing the rights of those catastrophically injured by the wrongful conduct of others. With combined litigation experience of over fifty years, Jeff and Avram passionately and aggressively represent their clients against some of the largest defendants in the United States.

No matter who you are, if you are hurt, we want to help you.

Why Camp Lejeune Elective Option Claims?

The Elective Option provides a streamlined and unprecedented cash award process for victims of the toxic water at Camp Lejeune.  We wanted to make it easily available.  And we wanted to do it for a 20% attorneys’ fee.

If you qualify for the Elective Option, the amount of money that you will receive is basically fixed.  The grid is pretty cut and dried.  So how can we as attorneys help the victims who might be eligible?

  1. A 20% attorneys’ fee.  Advancing all costs of bringing the claim for our clients, including third party probate fees, medical records and other expenses.  Only charging our clients’ share for those costs if and when there’s a recovery.
  2. No charges of any kind for any reason unless there’s a recovery of money.
  3. Provide great customer service and explain the process.

This is why we are doing this.  And we sincerely hope our offer provides a needed alternative to other lawyers handling Camp Lejeune matters.

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Honors and Awards

Honestly, after a combined fifty years of practicing law, we’ve racked up quite a few honors and awards.  

Jeff has been selected as a Texas Super Lawyer (a Thomson-Reuters service) for fifteen years (2008-2012 and 2014-2023), he is rated AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell, he’s included in America’s Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys. Avram has been selected as a Texas Super Lawyer (a Thomson-Reuters service) for ten years ( 2014-2023)a Rising Star (a Thomson-Reuters service), and a Rising Star in 2012-2013 before that.  Click on the Attorney Bio sections above to learn more about us.

National Scope

Meyer Blair, LLP’s law practice is truly national in scope. Avram and Jeff currently represent or have represented clients who reside in Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, Michigan, Minnesota, Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Washington, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, New York, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, South Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware, among others.

Past and Current Cases

Jeff Meyer and Avram Blair have dedicated their practice to representing clients in cases involving catastrophic injuries or death caused by the harmful products or the negligence of some of the largest defendants in the United States. 

Contingent Fees

Meyer Blair, LLP earns its fee based on one thing: results. We do not charge by the hour, and we are not paid unless we recover money on behalf of our clients.

This is called a “contingent fee,” which is a fee calculated as a percentage of the client’s recovery from the defendants who caused the injuries. We advance all out of pocket expenses on our client’s behalf, and those expenses are deducted from our client’s share of the recovery in the event we successfully recover money. Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the total recovery. In the event there is no recovery, our clients pay nothing, ever. It truly is a no risk proposition for our clients.

Jeff Meyer
A founding partner of Meyer Blair, LLP, Jeff practices in all areas of personal injury law, including cancer litigation, and other types of personal injury litigation. He has been active in representing hundreds of clients in serious personal injury cases and has been given numerous awards and honors in recognition for his work.
Avram Blair
A founding partner of Meyer Blair, LLP, Avram excels at complex personal injury and mass tort matters, he has received numerous awards and honors for his skill and relentless work on behalf of his injured clients.